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Title: Chocolate Thief
Pairing: Yehsung/Sungmin
Genre: Smut, Crack, Oneshot
Rating: NC-17


Yesung zipped up his imaginary leather jacket and ninja-ed his way to Sungmin’s room. Why? Because it was more fun of course.




Yesung called his dongsaeng’s name. He then attached his left ear onto the wooden door. Nope, he didn’t hear anything.




He knocked on the door, but still no answer coming out from the called person. Carefully, he pushed the door handle and opened the door.


It turned out that Sungmin really wasn’t in his room. He released a heavy sigh, thinking that he would spend the rest of the night with his tortoise.


His throat suddenly felt dry, so he went to the kitchen with heavy steps. He perked his ear when he heard something in the kitchen. Yesung got into his ninja mode again. When he got to the kitchen door, his eyes widened as he saw the back of someone crouching on the floor.


He made silent steps, nearing that crouching figure. Somehow someone left a mug on the floor, making him tripped on it and produced a clunking noise that echoed through the kitchen.


That crouching person jumped and turned around. “Hyung!” He exclaimed after he hid his hands behind him.


“What are you doing?” Yesung asked while bending down to get the mug at his feet. Yesung went to the dining table and put the mug on it. “No-nothing.” Sungmin eyes followed Yesung’s every movement. Yesung looked at Sungmin suspiciously, “What are you hiding behind you?”


“Nothing..” Sungmin answered in a timid voice. ‘Ohoho, he sure hides something from me..’ Yesung thought. He noticed something on Sungmin’s fair face. “Then what is that smudge on your cheek?”


Sungmin quickly brought upon one of his hand and wiped his cheeks. “Nothing! See!” Sungmin showed his now clean cheeks. Yesung gave him that do-you-think-hyung-gonna-believe-that-crap look.


“Okay!” Sungmin gave up. “I stole Heechul-hyung’s chocolate.” Yesung felt his jaw literally dropped. “You stole his chocolate?” Sungmin nodded timidly, then raised his head slightly to give Yesung his famous pitiful-puppy look, “Please don’t tell Heechul-hyung.”


Yesung looked back at him blankly. Sungmin saw Yesung turned around and was about to exit the kitchen. Sungmin was getting panic, he was sure that Yesung was going upstairs to tell Heechul about this. “I’ll share with you half of these!” Sungmin tried to buy his hyung.


There was a minute of silence before Sungmin saw Yesung’s frame shaking from behind. It turned out that Yesung was laughing at him silently. “Hyung~” he wailed after he saw Yesung tearing up, holding his stomach. “I’m not gonna share my chocolate with you!” Sungmin pouted.


Yesung was laughing like crazy. “Go ahead and eat them on your own..” Yesung managed to say in between his laugh. Sungmin pouted more and put another piece into his mouth. Yesung was still in his giggling fit. “Hyung. Stop laughing already.”


“Okay.” Yesung took a big breath and released it, “Okay.” Yesung had stopped laughing, but he couldn’t get rid the smile on his face. “But tell me.” Yesung went to the fridge and took out a bottle of cold mineral water. “Why did you steal Heenim’s chocolate?” He opened the cap and gulped down the cold liquid.


Yesung felt something fishy when he didn’t hear Sungmin answering him. He looked at his dongsaeng direction only to see Sungmin sitting on the floor with his head in his knees, the chocolates laid forgotten beside him. “Sungmin?” He dashed in front of the boy. Sungmin tried his best to raise his head. “Hyung,” Sungmin said weakly, “I feel so hot..”


Yesung panicked, he never seen Sungmin looked like that before. Sungmin’s face was flushing red, and he was panting heavily. Beads of sweats surfaced on the younger boy’s forehead. Yesung wiped the hair that stuck on Sungmin’s forehead and placed his small palm to feel Sungmin’s temperature. “Umm..” Sungmin moaned when he felt direct contact on his skin. Yesung felt weird, hearing Sungmin moaned like that. ‘He must be really sick,’ Yesung thought. “Your temperature is fine,” Yesung commented after he took back his hand. “You are not having a fever. So what’s wrong with you?” Sungmin shook his head weakly, “I don’t know, but I feel like I’m burning up.”


Yesung tried to think of something to help Sungmin, and the first thing he could think of was ‘Call Leeteuk’ but Leeteuk was in Sukira at that time, and of course Eunhyuk would be there too. Second option was ‘Get help from dongsaengs’, and then he realized both of the magnae; Kyuhyun and Ryeowook were nowhere in the dorm since the evening. In the end, he had to use the last option, that was ‘Take Sungmin to his room and let him sleep until he recovers’.


“Come on, I’ll take you to your room.” Yesung grabbed Sungmin’s arm to help him to stand up. Sungmin held onto Yesung’s up as a support, but after a few steps he tripped on his feet. Yesung managed to catch the younger boy in his arm, little did he knew he would regret his action later. Sungmin wrapped his arms around Yesung’s neck tightly, too tight actually, that Yesung could feel Sungmin outside his pants. In Yesung’s mind flashed ‘ThisissonotgoodstopthinkingaboutitfuckI’mgettinghard.’ Yesung shook off the thought of his head before he loosened his arms around Sungmin’s waist, making Sungmin slid down against him and fuck the friction felt so damn good.


Yesung keep holding on to the smaller boy, preventing him to fall down on the floor. Okay so that was not the real reason. But he was the big hyung in this dorm, he had to do his duty to help his dongsaengs and fuck he felt hot puffs on his neck. “Hyung…” Sungmin moaned, at the same time rubbing his groin against his hyung. Incoherent sentences came out from Yesung’s mouth as he felt himself getting hard.


But even in that state of mind, Yesung managed to think straight for a while and stilled Sungmin by his waist. “Sungmin, you need to st-” Yesung was shut by Sungmin’s mouth, and he could taste the chocolate in the latter’s mouth. But the kiss was too intense, Yesung started to get a little dizzy for he was out of breath. Yesung flailed his arms in attempt to break the kiss.


Sungmin pushed himself forward, making both of them stumbled upon the dining table. Yesung winced when his head hit hard on the horizontal surface. Sungmin towered over his fallen hyung and straddled Yesung’s waist, grinding his butt against Yesung’s crotch. But who knows that even at that time, Yesung still had a little bit of self-conscious in his big head. “Stop,” Yesung said while he gripped on Sungmin’s shoulders. “Sungmin, you- you have to stop.” Sungmin groaned before he swatted both Yesung’s hand and slapped Yesung hard on his cheek.


As the impact, all the sane thoughts left out of Yesung’s mind. Yesung switched their position before pushing Sungmin’s shoulder hard on the table. “You want it so much? I’ll give to you.” Yesung yanked down Sungmin’s pants and grabbed on the springing erection. Sungmin arched his back when he felt Yesung pumping his member. “Hyung..” he called his hyung wantonly as he roamed his hands all over his chest.


Yesung leaned forward and placed his mouth on Sungmin’s shapely jaw, licking there, and then moved down to his collarbone. At the same time, he ran his fingers up and down in a really slow manner, making Sungmin to thrust into his hyung’s hand. Realizing that the boy wanted some more, Yesung picked up the pace, at the same time his free hand servicing the boy’s hardened nub, and his mouth sucking on the other one.


Sungmin couldn’t take the pleasure any longer, his frame shaking from the overcoming pleasure. And just when he felt he was about to come, he closed his tightly and-


He couldn’t come. He raised his head to see Yesung’s hand gripping tightly at the base of his cock. “What? You wanna come already? I still have more to give, you know.” Yesung let his grip of Sungmin and went to the counter. He looked for something to act as a lubricant when he caught a sight of a bottle of newly opened olive oil near the stove.


Sungmin bit his lips when he felt a slick finger entering him. Not long enough, Yeung inserted another finger and started to do some scissoring motion. Sungmin showed no sign of painfulness, so Yesung proceed on doing that until he figured that Sungmin was prepared enough.


He removed every piece of clothing articles off his skin and kind enough to peel the damp t-shirt off Sungmin. He leaned forward and whispered next to the younger’s ear, “You’re the one that wanted this.” By that, he entered him, stretching the younger’s hole to its limit. Sungmin cried out let when Yesung pushed his big cock up to the hilt.


To his surprise, Sungmin didn’t wait to get used to his size. Instead, Sungmin was the one who initiated the thrust. Yesung, gaining his confidence, responded to Sungmin by thrusting deeper into the latter.


Apparently, it wasn’t enough for the boy. “Faster dammit!” Sungmin shouted, and Yesung was turned on by Sungmin’s aggressiveness. He quickened his pace. He banged the boy so fast, the table started to rock in synch with them.


“Ahh.. Ah..” Sungmin moaned wantonly as he felt Yesung thrusting in and out of him. His knuckles turned white as he grabbed the edge of the table painfully. “Oh fuck!” The younger cursed when Yesung rubbed that one spot within him. “More, hyung! More!”


Yesung lifted one of Sungmin’s legs over his shoulder for more exposure. As expected, Sungmin jerked more when Yesung successfully hit that spot over and over again. “Yeah-yeah-yeah..” Sungmin shrieked at the same time Yesung’s cock disappeared within him.


Feeling that familiar feeling at the pit of his stomach, Yesung knew he was getting close. He grabbed Sungmin’s neglected cock and pumped it erratically. Sungmin’s back arched and he moaned loudly as he released his loads all over Yesung’s hand and stomach.


Yesung bent lower to find Sungmin’s shoulder. He bit on the flesh as he came inside of the younger boy, so hard that more cum spurted out of Sungmin.


Yesung got back on his feet to see a panting Sungmin on the table. He took his t-shirt on the floor and wiped the cum off his stomach. “Come on,” Yesung pulled Sungmin’s arm, “I’ll take you to your bed.” They walked to Sungmin’s room while still naked.





“High-five!” Heechul said after they finished the another stage of Star Craft. Kyuhyun gladly high-fived his hyung.


“I think you put in the wrong ingredient..” Hankyung said to Ryeowook as he looked at the brown liquid in the pot.


Eunhyuk stumbled into the dorm and fell face first on the floor. Donghae dashed to him and helped him to get up. “Are you okay?” Donghae asked him. “Donghae, I’ll stay in your dorm for tonight.” Eunhyuk said as he rubbed his nose.


“I thought we will go back downstairs after this.” Kyuhyun said without taking his gaze off the screen. Ryeowook came out from the kitchen and headed to the door. “Wait! Where are you going?” Eunhyuk asked. “I want to go downstairs. We ran out of sugar.” Ryeowook answered.


“No!” Eunhyuk shouted. “Just let him, Hyukjae.” Heechul said, his eyes still attached to the screen. Kyuhyun butted in, “Yeah. What’s up with you, hyung?”


“Trust me, you don’t want to know.”


“Whatever you say, hyung.” Kyuhyun kept blasting the spaceships.


-Later that night-


“Kyung, have you seen a box of chocolate wrapped in a red paper?” Heechul asked Hankyung as they were about to go to sleep.


“No, I haven’t seen one. Why?”


“I bought it to prank Leeteuk, but I couldn't find it.”


“How can you prank him with chocolate?”


“Well, if you eat one, you’ll get horny. If you eat two, you’ll get kinky. Think of how fun it will be if Leeteuk eat that.”


Hankyung scowled, “Why would you give him that? You should give it to me. Think about all the fun we could have.”

Tags: fandom: super junior, genre: oneshot, genre: smut, pairing: hankyung/heechul, pairing: yehsung/sungmin, rating: nc-17

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  • Morning KangTeuk..

    I was just picturing KangTeuk in the morning... It was just that simple.. You know the times when you wake up in the morning and the morning ray…

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