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Love Sick Part 3

Title: Love Sick

Pairing: Heechul/Shiwon, Kangin/Leeteuk

Part: 3 /3

Summary: After the death of his boyfriend, Heechul moved to Seoul. Following him was his best friend, Kangin. At the new place, Kangin found his true love, Leeteuk. Heechul however, wasn't ready yet to unlock his sealed heart, until a guy named Siwon fell for him and ready to do anything just to win his love....

Rating: G

Genre: Drama(?)

A/N: Kind of continuation for Heart Station and Bullet Train of Love, but can be read separately.




At a time in the night, someone clicked on the lamp switch in the kitchen. White fluorescent light filled the small space. He went to freezer and opened the metallic door. He took out a carton of milk and poured the creamy liquid into a tall glass.

He took the glass with him to the counter and put it on the horizontal surface. He reached into the cabinet over him and produced bottles of prescriptions in his hands. White, pink, green pills made their way out of the containers and into his palm. He chucked all of them into his mouth and downed them by drinking the milk.

After 2 minutes, he ran to the bathroom and spilled out all he took in just now into the toilet bowl. The clumped milk produced unbearable smell, inducing him to throw up even more. Faint sound of the pills sank to the bottom of the bowl was totally covered by the sound of him clearing up.

He wiped his mouth with his long sleeve. After flushing down, he crawled to the wall and leaned his back against it, hugging his legs to his chest.

Familiar bitter taste lingered at the back of his mouth. His throat felt so painful that he started to cry. The crying made his throat more painful, but he didn’t know any better way to ease his pain. He kept on weeping, until he couldn’t hear his sob anymore.


Kangin opened his door at the sound of the door bell. Heechul appeared in his line of sight, holding some bottles of soju in a light plastic bag. He let the older man entered his house before deftly shutting the door.

Heechul went to the living room and placed the beverage on the table. He took off his outer coat and laid it somewhere on the couch. Kangin motioned the older man to hand him his coat, which Heechul simply obliged.

Heechul looked around the house while waiting for Kangin to bring over some snacks and the bottle opener. He stopped at the DVD racks to check on the DVD there. Many of them were old movies, the ones that he used to watch at the place he used to live. He moved to the picture frames beside the racks to find some old pictures of Kangin with his friends, and also a picture of him posing with Kangin and his late boyfriend in Namsan Tower. At that time, there were not much locks hanging there, and he remembered that he used to hang one, with a wish written; HANKYUNG <3 HEECHUL YOUNGWONHI.

He wondered whether he could find that lock again, and he thought that it didn’t matter anymore, because Hankyung was gone forever.

Kangin stopped his steps, watching Heechul standing in front of Hankyung’s picture like that. He pondered for a while before moving again, and it made Heechul to turn his attention to the younger. “That’s an old picture of us,” Kangin said as he bent down to put the stuff he held in his hand on the low table.

Heechul just nodded slightly before moving away from the picture and sat down beside his dongsaeng on the couch. Kangin opened a bottle of soju before offering it to his hyung. “Thanks,” Heechul muttered as he took the green bottle and swiftly downed a gulp. The bottle’s lip lingered on his own for a while. He breathed out a sigh, causing the air from his mouth into the bottle, producing some kind of funny sound that made Kangin laughed a little, making him to laugh along too.

“It’s been a long time,” Heechul said, still smiling. “It’s been a long time since we last have a drink like this.” Heechul looked at Kangin. “What happened, Youngwoon-ah?”

Kangin just looked down at his own bottle of soju. “Just a small thing, hyung. It’s not a big deal.” He took a gulp of that clear liquor.

“It is a big deal when you are supposed to go out on a date with your boyfriend rather than drinking soju with me.” Heechul laid back on the sofa. “Is it about Teuk?”

Kangin hanged his head low. Heechul has known Kangin for many years, and it’s not that often to see Kangin like that. “I don’t know why. I think that he doesn’t have enough faith in me.”

“You mean you haven’t done that with him?” Heechul made an attempt to bring up the atmosphere.

Kangin laughed a bit, “And that too.” He tried to be funny, but the forced smile on his face didn’t last long.

“I –” Kangin spoke up after a while. “Hankyungie-hyung once said this to me; love requires opportunity, proximity and compatibility.”

Heechul raised his eyebrow. He didn’t remember Hankyung mentioned that to him.

“In my case, Heaven allowed me to meet a person named Leeteuk; that’s opportunity. We’ve been spending some time with each other – that’s proximity. And…”

Heechul waited for him to finish his sentence.

“And I fell in love with him, and I know… that… he loves me too. I think.” Kangin then fell silent for a while.

“So that’s compatibility?” Heechul asked after he stopped chewing on the dry squid.

Kangin nodded his head a few times before finishing the last gulp from his first bottle. Heechul offered him some dry squid’s tentacles, which Kangin kindly refused.

“I think he left something out.” Heechul said.

Kangin turned his attention to his hyung.

“True, that love needs opportunity, proximity and compatibility. But love needs time too. To nurture, to bloom… To forget.”

Kangin noticed brims of tears in Heechul’s eyes. It seems like Heechul was still in living memories of his late boyfriend.

“Do you still think you need more time?” Kangin asked.

Heechul looked at Kangin with wide eyes. He then looked back at that particular picture of them, as if the picture contained the answer to Kangin’s question. Heechul smiled a secretive smile. “I think Hankyungie wants me to move on too.”


Siwon plopped himself on his comfy bed. Today was such a tiresome day for him. He took his phone lying beside him and dialled Kibum’s number.

“Yeoboseyo?” A cheerful voice was heard from the other end of the phone.

“Yeoboseyo? Is this Kim Kibum’s number?” Shiwon asked, because that man didn’t sound like Kibum.

“Shiwon-ssi? Is that you? It’s me, Donghae!” Shiwon heard that man chirped. Yeap, he remembered him.

“Annyeonghaseyo, Donghae-ssi. How are you?”

“I’m fine, thank you! How about you?”

“I’m–” Shiwon pondered for a while. Should he pretend that he was fine or just tell the truth?

“Ooh, Bummie is here. I’ll give the phone to him.”

Shiwon heard some rustling sound before he heard Kibum’s deep voice on the other side of the phone. “Yeoboseyo?”

“Hey, Shiwon’s here.”

“Aah, Ma(Horse) Shiwon. What’s up?” Kibum jokingly said. Shiwon could hear some faint laughter in the background, which he was positive it wasn’t Kibum’s.

“It didn’t work.” Shiwon went straight to the point.

“Yea?” Kibum didn’t get it. Meanwhile, Donghae kept bugging Kibum to put on the speaker mode, so he could hear the conversation too.

“The method you said to me – it didn’t work.”

“What’s wrong, Shiwon-ssi?” Donghae asked after Kibum put on the speaker mode.

“It’s getting worse. I’m getting worse.” And that included Shiwon fantasizing about Heechul becoming his secretary (with short skirts and all), making Shiwon to end up jerking off under his desk.

Kibum spoke up. “What do you mean by ‘getting worse’”?

“I keep seeing his face everywhere; on the billboard, in the computer, in my lunch. I think I- I’m going crazy.”

It was a total silent for a minute, before Kibum broke the silent. “You are seriously having love sick right now.”

Donghae suggested, “You should ask him out, like immediately. If he refuses, ask him more until he says yes.” Donghae had this principle, which is when you love someone, you should end up with some kind of conclusion. He didn’t want Shiwon to have an unclear conclusion.

Shiwon put his big palm on his forehead. “I should to that, shouldn’t I?”

“Of course, Shiwonnie!” Donghae practically yelled into the phone, which made Shiwon to inch his ear a little from his phone.

Kibum took the telephone away and put off the speaker mode. “You have two choices, either to get him or to forget him. And I’d say –” Kibum was distracted by Donghae who hugged him from behind and latched on his ear next to Kibum’s hand that was holding the phone. “ – I’d say that you should get him. Whatever it takes, just get him.”

Shiwon felt his courage was lifted with Kibum’s encouragement. “I’ll do it.” Shiwon said confidently, which made Donghae to scream ‘Shiwon Fighting!’ Shiwon uttered a simple thanks before hanging up. He got up from his bed and grabbed a towel before going into the bathroom.

Kibum put the phone down. Donghae whined about why Shiwon hung up so soon, and that he wanted to talk more with Shiwon. Kibum was filled with jealousy, “Why you want to talk to him that much? You can talk to me.”

Donghae jumped onto the bed before sticking his tongue out to his boyfriend. “You’re no fun.” He continued to make funny faces.

Kibum smirked before he took off his white t-shirt and threw it somewhere on the floor. “I’ll show you what fun is.”


Counterclockwise. Round round round round. Okay, now let’s do clockwise. Round round round-


Round round round-



“You’ve been rubbing the same spot for a good 10 minutes! You might have holed that table.” Leeteuk sounded amused by watching Heechul’s action just now.

Heechul groaned before he threw the cloth onto the table beside him. “What do you care?”

“Nothing~” Leeteuk drawled. “Exceptthatyou’vebeenmissingShiwon-ssibutrefusedtoadmitit!”

Heechul rolled his eyes. “No I’m not!"

Leeteuk brushed his bangs. “Ooh, looks like someone in denial mode.”

‘Look who’s talking? Heechul really wanted to say that to the ten-days-older boy, but he didn’t want to hurt Leeteuk’s feelings.

“Just do your work, Teukie.” Heechul moved to the table beside him and started to rub on the table’s already clean surface.

Leeteuk jumped in front of his colleague. “What did you call me just now?” His eyes gleaming with some sparkly shit; Heechul just couldn’t stand them. He tried to ignore the older man.

“Call me that again!” Leeteuk begged, “I want to hear it!”

“Okay!!” Heechul held his hands up, giving in. “Teukie..”

Leeteuk was touched, really touched. “Heechul-ah! Saranghae!” He threw away the broom and launched himself over Heechul.

“Yaah.. Get your hands of me, you – ”

“Sunbaenim, annyeonghaseyo.”

Leeteuk broke the hug. “Oh, Kyuhyun. You’ve came?”

Kyuhyun picked up the broom on the floor and handed it to Leeteuk. He flashed his smile to Leeteuk and the older man gladly replied. “Today the class ended a bit late, so I rushed here. Hope that I’m not too late.”

“It’s okay, because the café isn’t open yet. Quick, go change into your uniform.” Leeteuk rushed the boy into the staff room.

Heechul was already disappeared to the front part of the café and started to squirt some detergents onto the glass pane. As he rubbed the glass, he noticed a reflection on the mirror. He stopped wiping for a while, thinking that he must be imagining things, and then squirted some more detergents on the glass. He wiped the glass harder, hoping that the image would disappear, but to his surprise, it was still there. Instead, the image was getting bigger and bigger.

In a split second, Heechul was spun around forcefully, causing the sprayer to end up on the pavement. Heechul widened his eyes, watching the person who did that to him standing right in front of him. Shiwon placed his palms firmly on the glass by each side of Heechul’s head.

Heechul about to scold him when he was silenced by a pair of stranger’s lips. Heechul was so shocked – he didn’t even blink.

Shiwon backed off a few centimetres from Heechul’s face, looking directly into the latter’s eyes. Their heavy breaths mingled with each other.

“Heechul-ssi bomyen, jongmal jukkesseubnida (When I look at Heechul-ssi, I’ll really go nuts).”

Heechul was speechless upon hearing Shiwon confession, right in front of the public, in the middle of daylight.

“Jukkesseubnida! (I’ll go nuts!) ” Shiwon shouted. The wiping cloth in Heechul’s hand dropped down.

“Saranghaeso, choisonghabnida (For loving you, I’m sorry).” A hurtful expression was displayed clearly on Shiwon’s face.

They looked into each other’s eyes for a minute. They both stayed silent.

Shiwon felt like all the burden was lifted off from his chest.

Heechul felt that his heart was pumping so fast he could hear his own heartbeat.

“Tonight, Namsan Tower. I’ll wait for you.” With that, Shiwon walked away and disappeared into the crowd. Heechul was left dumbfounded, and when his senses knocked back into him, only then he realised that there was a big crowd in front of the café. He turned around to look inside the café only to see Leeteuk and Kyuhyun shrunk themselves behind the counter.


It’s 8 p.m. again. Kyuhyun glanced at the watch on his wrist. He tapped on the counter impatiently, and then looked back at his wristwatch. ‘He usually comes around this hour,’ he thought to himself.

Heechul saw Kyuhyun fidgeting behind the counter and thought that it wasn’t nice for the shop’s image. He went beside the scholar. “Are you really that desperate to go back home?” He asked, seriousness were all over his face.

Kyuhyun was scared by Heechul’s cold sentence. “N-no, I was- I was just, waitingforsomeone.” He stammered.

Heechul started to smile, much to Kyuhyun’s relief. “You are waiting for Ryeowook, right? The one that always sits in the corner, and likes to order –”

“ – Crème Brulle and Mochaccino.” Kyuhyun mouthed along Heechul’s words. Kyuhyun smiled sheepishly.

“And speaking of that, he is coming here.” Heechul said casually.

Kyuhyun immediately turned his gaze to the door to see a pair of middle-aged couple walking through it. Heechul chuckled looking at Kyuhyun’s funny reaction.

Kyuhyun mum some curses in his mouth, which made Heechul to laugh harder.

“Good luck, Kyuhyun-ah.” Heechul tapped Kyuhyun’s shoulder and disappeared into the kitchen.

Kyuhyun sighed a little before he went to the cup section and rearranged the cups on the racks.

“Excuse me. I would like to order Crème Brulle and Mochacinno for takeout please.”

Kyuhyun froze mid-air.


Kangin was about to get into the elevator in his apartment when he received a call from Heechul.

“Youngwoon-ah, Leeteuk just passed out in the kitchen. I’m on my way to the hospital in the ambulance.”

Kangin felt that the world just split into half. He immediately went back into his car and drove to the hospital.


Kangin ran towards Heechul as soon as he spotted him in the corridor. “How is he?” was the first thing that came out from his mouth.

“The paramedics just brought him into the emergency room.”

Kangin did not felt good hearing Heechul mentioned the ER. “Is he fine? Did he get hurt?”

Heechul shook his head. “I don’t know, Youngwoon. I went into the kitchen to get some more cakes, and then I saw him lying on the kitchen floor. Good thing that he didn’t get burned or something.”

Kangin plopped himself onto a nearby chair. He said his prayer and be thankful because Leeteuk wasn’t hurt.

They waited there for more than a few hours when a stretcher made its way out of the ER. Heechul recognized the person lying on it. “Leeteuk..”

Kangin stood up to see the stretcher passed in front of him. “Wait!” He pulled one of the nurses. “Where are you taking him?”

The nurse explained that the patient was in stable condition, so he was transferred to the common ward. A doctor came out from the ER asking about the relatives of Leeteuk-ssi.

“I am his boyfriend.” Kangin said without hesitation. The doctor was taken back for a while and then managed to regain his composure. “Follow me.” The doctor said.

Meanwhile, Heechul was still unaware of the time when he caught a glance of a big clock hanging on the wall. The short needle pointed towards the digit 2, and the long needle pointed to the digit 4. Immediately, he remembered about that afternoon incident.

‘Tonight, Namsan Tower. I’ll wait for you.’

Heechul went to Kangin who was walking beside the doctor and asked him to lend him his car. Kangin who was too concerned about Leeteuk didn’t even mind him and just gave Heechul his car key.

Heechul ran outside the building only to realise that he forgot to ask where Kangin parked his car. Having no choice, he went through each car in the parking lot. About 15 minutes later, he found Kangin’s car and quickly got into it.


Kangin couldn’t really comprehend what the doctor just told him, but he could understand a little bit about Leeteuk’s condition.

It turned out that Leeteuk was having diabetes caused by the failure of his pancreas.

That explained everything. When Leeteuk said he wasn’t ready, that was what he meant.

Leeteuk was suffering alone – and he even thought that Leeteuk didn’t love him enough.


Heechul turned down the spotlight and stepped out of the car. He ran in front of Namsan Tower to see no one there. Heechul hesitated to look around, when he remembered Shiwon once waited for him outside the café and he caught a cold because of that.

Heechul knew Shiwon was still waiting for him somewhere, but he couldn’t lift his feet off the ground. His head was screaming for him to move but his body didn’t want to cooperate.

Heechul bit his lower lip, trying to hold the tears in his eyes.

“Shi-Shiwon..” came out from Heechul’s lip.

“Shiwon.” He called out louder. He wanted to call out again but he closed his mouth with his hand because the tears were starting to escape.

Heechul sniffed. It was over, he told himself. You blew off your chance, and it was all your fault. Go back home and forget him. He doesn’t belong to you. You don’t deserve him.

Right at that moment, Heechul clearly heard footsteps behind him. Heechul stopped sniffling.

“I told you; I will wait for you.”

Heechul closed his eyes tightly. He was afraid if he turned around, he would get disappointed.

“I’m glad that you came to return my feelings.” Shiwon pressed his chest against Heechul’s back. Heechul felt real hot puffs near his ear.

“Why?” Heechul asked timidly.

Shiwon wound his arms around Heechul’s waist tightly and Heechul didn’t give any negative respond.

“Why did you wait for me?”

Shiwon loosened his arms. “You came, and it’s all that matter.”

Heechul cried a little more as Shiwon spun him around to face him.

“I know about Hankyung, and I know that I can’t replace him in your heart. But believe me, I’ll never try to replace him. I’ll make you happy, not the same way he made you happy, but please give me a chance to prove myself.”

Heechul lifted up his head to look into Shiwon’s sincere eyes. He brought up his index finger and traced on Shiwon’s blue lips.

“Your lips are cold as ice. Stop talking.”

Shiwon smiled as he felt Heechul warm lips on his.



Kangin blocked the sun rays from penetrating his eyes with his palm. Leeteuk chuckled watching his boyfriend tried his best to open his eyes. Kangin wasn’t the morning type of person, and knowing that made Leeteuk to open the curtain wider.

Kangin groaned with his palm still on his face. Leeteuk climbed on the bed beside him and pulled Kangin’s hand away. “Hey, wake up.” Leeteuk said as he held on Kangin’s hand.

Leeteuk squeaked when Kangin pulled him forward. Kangin hid his face in Leeteuk’s collarbone and mumbled against his lover’s skin. “It’s too bright.” The vibration on his skin was very ticklish, making Leeteuk to laugh a little.

“What time is it?” Kangin asked drowsily, his face still hidden in his lover’s clavicle.

Leeteuk turned his head aside to see the time displayed on Kangin’s digital clock beside the bed. “It’s… 8.30 a.m.”

Kangin hummed as an affirmative. “Have you taken your medicine?” He asked again.

“Just now,” Leeteuk answered. “Aren’t you gonna wake up?”

Kangin mumbled something resembled ‘it’s too early’ and nuzzled his face further into his lover’s skin. Leeteuk released a soft sigh before he settled down to that position until afternoon.



Something was playing on the screen of the wide plasma TV, but Shiwon didn’t pay a heed to it for he was too busy making out with Heechul.

They broke the kiss to get some air. And then some more tongue battling and groping hands, until one of them started to get dizzy from the lack of air.

“Why does it always turn you just by watching Kibum’s honeymoon video?” Shiwon asked his recently live-in lover.

“I don’t know,” Heechul answered, hands still roaming on Shiwon’s toned chest. “Don’t you?”

Shiwon smiled coyly before claiming Heechul’s lips again.






A/N: As promised to [info]shaniskara, I stuffed in KyuWook in this, hope you’re satisfied.

A/N 2: There’s a part where Shiwon confessed to Heechul in Korean, and this is the real clips of Shiwon confessions.

A/N 3: So that was the end, but someone did ask for me to make Hankyung and Eunhyuk’s story taking place ‘up’ there. I couldn’t promise when, but I already have a storyline in my head. I’ve been working on the sequel to this story, and the first chapter of this story. Hope that I could finish them before my college grand entrance in September. Fighting!!


Tags: genre: drama, love sick, pairing: kangin/leeteuk, pairing: kyuhyun/ryeowook, pairing: shiwon/heechul

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  • Kibum/Henry Fic

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