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Vacation 1/?

Title: 여행(Yoheng)/Vacation



“Sun block?”


“Sanitary kit?”


“Clean underwears for 3 days?”


 “Short sleeves cotton shirts with bright flower patterns?”

“Wearing it.”

 “Inflatable buoy and… why is this on the list?”

“What? We MUST bring buoy to go to the beach!”

“Good point.”

2 sheets of check list later…

Leeteuk and Donghae high-fived after they packed the last item on the list.


Shiwon looked at the boys with wide eyes. “Hyung, what are you bringing there? You looked like you are going to move away from here!”

Leeteuk and Donghae looked at each other.

“Actually I think we should bring more clothes –”

“I wanted to bring my pet fish but – ”

“– and sunglasses and tanning lotion. You know what? I –”

“– but Leeteuk-hyung said it’s too much. And then – ”

“Hyung! Relax, okay. Just put them in the back, although I’m not sure whether they would fit or not.”

After much persuasion from Shiwon, they decided to bring only the things they needed to bring, not the things they wanted to bring, which was A LOT.

And then off they go to Kangin’s place…


Kangin stood under of the palm tree. He put on his sunglass so it wouldn’t be too bright. Ah~~ was it hot from the sun or from him? Oh look, the girls were running towards him. Come here, cute girls with big boobs! Oppa is here for yo–


Kangin came back to reality. He looked around him to find the voice that called him just now.

“What are you doing over there?” Leeteuk shouted out from a car, not far from where Kangin was standing. Inside the car Donghae was lolling with Shiwon from watching their funny hyung.

Kangin grunted as he picked up his bag and walked towards the car.

“Where’s Ryeowook? I thought he wanted to go with us?” Donghae asked as Kangin climbed into the car and sat beside him.

 “He went to his Music Club trips with a game freak and another boy that collects bugs.”

“Oh. Where did they go?” Donghae asked.

“Paris.” Kangin casually said.

Shiwon widened his eyes, Donghae’s mouth was opened really big a fly could get in there while Leeteuk was left unfazed.

“I was just kidding!”

“I thought Paris was nice.” Shiwon said as he kept his eyes on the road.

Kangin who was sitting at the back with Donghae rolled his eyes. “Yeah, like you’ve been there.”

“Hyung, I’ve been there.”

“Shiwon-ah, really? So you’ve met Mona Lisa?”

“Look, the toll gate girl is giving free snacks!” Donghae said excitedly.

Shiwon lowered the window as he passed through the toll gate. The girl gave a pack of chips to them, but thanks to Kangin’s charm, they ended up getting 3 more packs.

The chips didn’t even last for 20 minutes.


Donghae: “Where are we right now?”


Kangin: “She sells seashells by the sea shore.”

Teuk & Hae: “Woah~~ Jalhanda!”


Donghae: “Are we there yet?”


Leeteuk: “See shall sheshall by the she sore. *insert Leeteuk’s peculiar laugh here*”


Donghae: “Are we there now?”


Teuk & In & Hae: “Shiwon! Shiwon! Shiwon!”

Shiwon: “She sell sheshell – aish~”

Teuk & In & Hae: “AHAHAHAHAHAH!!!”


“We’re here.”

Shiwon announced as he opened the door of his room. Donghae rushed into the room and claimed his bed. “This is mine!” He flopped himself on the single bed.

“Two beds won’t be enough for us four peoples.” Leeteuk said as he dropped his beg on the floor.

“Don’t worry hyung. I booked another room. You can have that room.” Shiwon gave the key to Leeteuk.

Leeteuk took the key from Shiwon. “Donghae-ah, let’s go.”

Donghae whined a little. “Hyung~ I want to sleep here. Why don’t you sleep with Kangin-hyung?”

Leeteuk looked at Kangin. “I don’t mind,” Kangin said. Leeteuk sighed softly as he picked up his bed on the floor.


“Woah~” Leeteuk and Kangin said in unison as soon as they stepped their feet into the room.

“What the hell is this?” Kangin asked in amazement.

“This is the room for newlyweds!”

The walls were painted in warm purple colour. There was a big, heart-shaped bed for two in the middle of the room. Fresh petals of red roses were scattered on the bed. Candles were everywhere; on the floor, on the table.

“This is the right room, right?” Leeteuk asked Kangin, but before Kangin could say anything, Leeteuk answered his own question. “The key fits to this door, so I guess this is the right room.”

Leeteuk went to the bed and sat on the edge of it. He bounced a little on the bed. “It’s comfy,” he said softly.

Kangin looked around to see a button on the wall. He felt his hands twitching, eager to touch it. “What’s this button do?” He pressed on the button.

The lights switched on. Not just usual lights, they were the types where Kangin reckoned he would found in Italian restaurant – the low, shady kind of lights.

“What’s up with the lights?” Kangin heard Leeteuk’s voice. He looked at that man.

And then he figured that Leeteuk’s face looked so pale, so smooth under those lights. Never once he felt like that, but his heart was racing fast, fast enough to make his face red.

He saw that man looked at him back, and he couldn’t move. That man got up from the bed, walking towards him, yet he still couldn’t move. That man was coming nearer, and nearer, and nearer, and

“Hey! I was talking to you. Didn’t you hear what I was saying?”

Kangin blinked his eyes. “Huh?”

“I said, we have to change to another room. You don’t want to sleep in this kind of room, do you?”

“I do.”


“I mean, I do want to change the room. This room is.. is.. weird.”

Leeteuk looked at him suspiciously, but then he shrugged the thought out of him. “We have to tell Shiwon to get another room for us.”



“I believe that there is no more room, sir. The last room was already booked just now. There would only be free rooms in..” the receptionist clicked the mouse. “… three days later.”

The boys stayed silent.

“So, I guess you hyungs have to sleep in that room.” Donghae said.

“Sorry hyung.” Shiwon said before leaving Kangin and Leeteuk at the counter.

They looked at each other.

“Let’s go back to our room.”

And Leeteuk never felt so weird for saying that kind of words…






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